Ðể hiểu hiện tại và dự đoán được tương lai, người ta phải biết đủ về quá khứ, đủ để có được cái hiểu về lịch sử của một dân tộc.
Lý Quang Diệu, 20-1-80

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1- Vietnamese boat people is one of the biggest events not only in the current world history but also in the Vietnamese 4000-year history.

2- The Project tries at best to record as many as possible the meaningful details around this event which happened from 1975 to the time when the last VBP from refugee camps have been resetled in a third country, and details about the first generations of this event.

3- The details will cover: the true causes of the event, the true process of the event and the true
aftermaths of the event.

4- The Project does not mean to raise up a hatred from old stories. It does mean to record truly, correctly and impartially all what did occur to the life or lives of an individual or many individuals (a
group, a community, etc). The Project does not mean to judge or comment on the events, but record the judgments or comments of others as an attribute of the events.

5- All the recording will be digitally reserved in different formats and transferred to different locations for archiving.

6- The Project tries to use the latest technologies in recording the stories in different formats: video, audio, still images or real material evidences.

7- Different ways will be used to introduce the recording to public: web sites, books, magazines, articles, radio, TV, video, etc.

8- Received financial support will be used mainly to cover recording fees, processing fees, archiving fees, travelling fees. and other fees for the project. Any amount remained will be transferred to charity
orgainzations supporting refugees or suffered people.

9- The Project is carried out on the the basis of Voluntary, without political bias or distinguishment, without religious, local and racial bias or distinguishment, and as a non-profit organization.

10- The project needs financial support to maintain, manage, develop and improve its systems and
managements. Some activities to raise fund, to sell or distribute its products to the public are encouraged as a selfsupport service.

Unless systematically and scientifically collected and archived otherwise only 10 or 20 years later when the first generation of the Vietnamese refugees pass by, when the workers in Vietnamese refugee camps pass by, then all the true stories about the Vietnamese Refugees will be burried permanently by time.
Where I come from?
Why I am here?
Life is completely meaningless!
I want! I want! I want!

To understand the root and the value of the living it is necessary for the future generations to know the undeniable true facts that their parent generations had
to pay an expensive price for Freedom, every single one who could reach it there must be one who had to lie down forever, and their want is completely simple
but still they could not have it easily.

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